We are delighted to share this guest blog post from Candy Fung Of Kids Life Studio whose certified Kids Life Coaches are located across the globe, and really are a well-traveled bunch!

Having an attitude for gratitude is so important it can make such a big difference to our mental health, it makes us healthier and can even help us live longer. 

There are so many wonderful things to appreciate and be thankful for in our lives.

It can be so easy to model and teach children gratitude:

  • Simply spending quality time with them where they get your 100% attention without devices will show them how important they are to you.
  • Pointing out the small things you are grateful for like that big hug you received from them today.
  • Saying thank you to them for helping with chores – the one thing we can easily forget.
  • Write thank you notes and leave them somewhere for them to find unexpectedly.  I left a note for one of my boys in his football boot once – he was so embarrassed at the time but thanked me for it later as it gave him a boost of confidence.  Also, because it made him feel better that his friend said ‘I wish my mum did that’.

Be firm, fun and fair.  Not only are you supporting and helping them develop their autonomy, but you’ll develop their life skills. 

Here are just a few ideas when practising acts of kindness and to be grateful for all that you have:

Helping others

Give to charity

Voluntary work

The benefits are endless; 

  • It has been scientifically proven that it improves physical and mental health,
  • It enhances empathy and reduces aggression,
  • Increases happiness,
  • It makes you realise there’s no need to be materialistic

So, next time you or your child complains about something.  Think about all that you have.

When you are having a bad day or you need to start the week off on a positive note or at the end of the year you want to reflect back on the good things over the year……

Go to your gratitude jar, pick out some gratitude notes and remind yourself how lucky and awesome you and your family are.

By Candy Fung

Kids Life Coach

Nurturing Minds kids Life Studio, UK

? As a kids life coach, Candy educates, motivates and inspires children to be confident leaders of their own life by giving them the tools to deal with the ups and downs in life……check out the Fantastic blogs from Candy Fung of Nurturing minds kids life studio .