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Anita Barzey - Motivate Me Tutors Founder

About Us

Motivate Me Tutors was established over 8 years ago by Anita Barzey who has successfully prepared 100’s of students for entrance exams for various Grammar and Private schools across the UK. Using a variety of holistic approaches to enable students to achieve success and overall increased Confidence. Anita has a varied background in Education working as a Drama Facilitator, ESOL and English Tutor. She has also worked with many young people with Additional needs and is able to adapt lessons to meet her student’s specific needs.

Anita Barzey

How we help students through Online Tutoring 

Exam preparation for students with tutoring

Entrance Exam Tutoring

  • 60 Minute lessons
  • Resources provided
  • Regular Feedback
  • We provide Techniques, methods and Tips on passing entrance Exams.
  • Tackling Exam questions, improving vocabulary and written responses.

Group Sessions

  • Introduction to Creative writing 6 week course – day time and Evening Time Slots – Introducing students to Literary techniques and how to plan and write stories under timed conditions . Students will be provided with detailed feedback and tips to improve their creative writing.
  • Creative writing: Become a Confident writer 6-week Course – This course provides an in- depth look into how to make stories descriptive and how to use Vocabulary to create am engaging . Student will receive detailed feedback and the chance to

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be daunting – in this 60-minute session we provide students with Techniques and tips to help them ace their interview confidently. Using Drama techniques, voice exercises and sample questions and answers that will leave them feeling prepared.


How we have helped students achieve success

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Motivate Me Tutoring

How It Works

Support & Coaching to Achieve Success

We help our students achieve success in exams, so they feel confident for their Grammar or Private School acceptance exams. 


Improve Overall Exam Technique

We help our students feel confident and motivated in advance of whichever exam is in their future. 

Build Your Child's Confidence

With tutoring from Motivate Me Tutors, your child’s confidence will grow alongside their knowledge & education. 


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Download our FREE 11+ Success Guide!

Help make 11+ exams a success with our free ebook. 

A Day in the Life of an Online Teacher

A Day in the Life of an Online Teacher

Most people, even teachers, don’t really think about online teaching and what it might entail. That’s why we’ve decided to show you what a day in the life of an online teacher looks like – how full or empty the schedule can be, or what you do when you don’t have a commute. Each day can look quite different, but we’ve tried to take an average one, so that it gives you a fair picture of the life of an online teacher.