Heal Your Body & Brain from the inside out


Heart Rhythm Meditation ~ Heal Your Body & Brain From the Inside Out
A Heart Rhythm Meditation practice releases day to day stress easily and quickly. It can transform your level of health, vitality, self confidence, success and happiness. Our bodies are always striving for natural healthy balance and yet almost everyone has trauma deeply embedded in every cell. Since most dis-ease has an emotional root. When we acknowledge this, identify it and gently release it we set ourselves free. We naturally have more energy and can achieve the vibrant health we deserve. By choosing more nourishing, plant based, living foods and medicinal herbs we naturally detoxify and support our immune systems to maintain optimum health. 


Combine these elements and you create the optimum environment for your body to heal itself. Dis-ease cannot survive in a calm, balanced, oxygenated, happy body. 

About the Author – Chrissy White

Chrissy White originally trained as a teacher and worked with 7 to 12 year old children before moving into secondary education. She is an inspirational healer, speaker and teacher. Chrissy is also the creator of Vibrant Gourmet, combining energising, plant based nutrition with heart rhythm meditation and Shamanic Healing. During the last 25 years Chrissy has established a remarkable record of transformational work with clients in London’s Harley Street, across the UK and internationally.